Tax Management Preparation

Tax preparation is the process of preparing for filing your tax return. This normally involves getting out all the necessary documents, receipts, and forms related to your taxes and organizing them correctly. We ease your burden of doing tax returns, providing advice on and assistance with filing of tax returns.

Helping prepare, calculating, and filing the taxes for individuals or businesses. Tax preparation is an indispensable and often daunting task for people. Enlisting the services of a tax preparer can ease the burden of this process, and lead to less anxiety and more benefits.

Tax Service & Tax Planning

Whether you own a small business that requires comprehensive business accounting services or the financial representative of a corporation that needs an annual summary, we provide customized options to help meet your specific needs.

We compile transactions from bank statements and/or other documents as well as prepare financial statements and other management reports.

We can provide simple cash basis reporting or do the more complex accrual multi-location, multi-department complete with budget comparison reports.

Structure the best system for you to meet your payroll processing needs. We can maintain earnings records and process payroll reports including all forms and consulting regarding requirements.

Individual Tax Services

We offer preparation and filing of individual income tax returns, and all BFR tax preparers provide consulting and tax advising services to minimize your tax liability. BFR can e-file most individual tax returns, and we provide a number of value-added services included in the fee for preparing individual income tax returns.

  • Tax return preparation and consulting
  • Certified copies of income tax returns
  • Electronic filing and verification of the acceptance of the return
  • Consulting for the next year’s return
  • Advice regarding withholding and/or tax estimates for the next year
  • Response to routine, non-collection federal and state income tax correspondence
  • Representation in an IRS non-collection exam up to dispute and/or appeal
  • Consultation with your investment advisor to maximize tax savings
  • Initial trust and estate consulting
  • Availability for routine tax questions during the year we prepared your return
  • Privacy protection and a copy of our disclosure policy

Business Tax Services

We offer preparing of corporate tax returns for most business entities including corporations, partnerships and non-profits. Forms include the majority of all federal and state returns ranging from income tax returns to payroll tax returns, state sales tax returns to special state reports, as well as regulatory reports.

Estate and Trust Tax Services

We also offer tax return preparation for most estate and trust entities. Estate and trust tax reporting is one of the more complicated areas of the tax law. We work closely with your legal representation throughout the estate and trust planning processes to make sure your tax returns meet both the tax regulations and the guidelines of your will or trust agreement while providing advice to make sure you pay the least amount of tax legally required.